Tibetan Medicine

I am about to graduate from a 300-hour self care program of Tibetan Medicine. It started as Covid hit, and the program provided a structure to help get me through that difficult period. We were presented with a tremendous amount of content. The organizers were committed to bringing in Tibetan Medicine teachers from around the world, including Nepal, Dharamsala, Tibet and the US and Europe. The teachers were just as committed. Students were from all parts of the globe, including Germany, Australia and the US.

Teaching, organizing and studying Tibetan Medicine is good for one’s Karma, it is said. What attracted me to Tibetan Medicine was that it combined Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan Astrology into it. My Tibetan Buddhist practice helped me along the way see how our spiritual practice and psychological situation impacts our health, and it can play an important part in healing whether we want to involve our practice and beliefs or not. In fact, it is hard not to.

The only part lacking was a 5 day in-person practicum that would have allowed us to practice pulse reading, tongue observation and urine analysis. That can come later if any of us wants to travel to clinics near us or in other parts of the world.

I will be adding documents from the class from time to time. Thanks to the Kunde Wellness Institute for organizing the program. Click here to learn more.

3 Trees: Tree of Health & Disease, Tree of Diagnosis & Tree of Therapies.