Tai Chi

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Exercise 24 step
Benefits from specific forms.
Tai Chi 24 forms
Tai Chi 24 forms
Taiji Exercise Steps 1 through 17 of 24.
Steps 18-24.

Immortal Wand Exercise Description. Please see pdf below. To view expert TaiChi instructor Andy Fitz-Gibbon perform the routine, click here.

Here is a nice article about Tai Chi that covers many of the moves we do: “Parting the Horse’s Mane.” “Wave Hands like Clouds.” “Embrace Tiger. Return to Mountain.” It also quotes Peter Wayne, Professor of Integrative Medicine at Harvard who knows Dr. Weng, my certification teacher.

Dr. Paul Lam is a world-renowned TaiChi instructor. He also produces wonderful music for TaiChi and Qigong. Click here to purchase the music I use for personal and class use.